Wednesday, August 1, 2012

K on Sprouts: Half-Way Through the Week

If you read my last post, you know that K is attending Sprouts Cooking Camp this week. I asked her to chime in with a few words on camp so far.

So, K, what do you think so far?  "It is awesome."
Why?: "Because I get to have a camp where all we have to do is cooking. Though we also clean things up afterwards."
What kind of cooking?: "All kinds. We go to different restaurants and cook."
Like where?: ""Flour & Water and Cafe des Amis. And we do cooking at the Ferry Building where the farmers market is."
What have been your favorite things to make so far?: "The croque monsieur and the cookies: homemade oreos, animals crackers, goldfish, graham crackers and Ritz from the Tartine baker."
Anything else? "It is really fun and I want to do two weeks next year."

Tell me three things you have learned:
1 How to make lasagna, including the noodles with eggs and flour.
2 How to make a bear claw to protect your hand when chopping.
3 How to cut an onion: Put on sunglasses, you peel a little bit, don't cut off the root and cut off the other end. You slice in. All the layers come apart.
She wanted to add one more.
4 You can make things like animal crackers at home and they taste better. I knew that about graham crackers.

More info available daily on the Sprouts blog.

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