Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mariquita Mystery Box: Vegetables, Apples and Curious Cats

Willow and Oolong love the mystery box. Really.
Peppers, the new cat toy.
It has been a little while since I have written about the "Mystery Box" from Mariquita Farms. Instead, I've been posting pictures on twitter of the cats exploring each box. But, as we are heading into the holiday season when many of even my eat-out-every-night-friends consider home-cooking, I wanted to highlight again this opportunity to get some wonderful produce in SF and now the East Bay.

In their words, the box program is:
"What: Guerrilla vegetable deliveries: Not a CSA, we have one of those. More like a taco truck-meets-the farmers market. No prepayment, no credit cards. You give me your cell phone number as collateral that you'll show up, I give you mine so you can find me/contact me that night. We don't abuse each others cell numbers.
Why: Mariquita Customers at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market missed us when we chose to stop attending spring of 2007. Some of our customers begged for a way to still receive our erbette chard, boxes of San Marzanos, sweet peppers, basil, red carrots etc. We still grow it all and we're delighted to find a way bring it to SF, even if you *don't* own a restaurant!"

Here is a look at this week's box:

The box arrives at home.Oolong is eager to investigate.

Portuguese Cabbage: Any suggestions?

Egyptian Beets soon to be roasted. 
Red Norland Potatoes: probably to be roasted. 
Green bell peppers: suggestions again welcome.

Cayenne Peppers (Spicy): I'll dry these.

Butternut Squash: to be roasted.

Dry-Farmed Early Girl Tomatoes: Perhaps for a lat tomato mozzarella salad?
The pdf led me to expect Broccoli di Cicco, but clearly: purple cauliflower, soon to be roasted.

Gala Apple: Apple crisp time. 

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