Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Apple Tree for K

K has been asking for an apple tree for months. At first I was resistant because I did not realize that apple trees could grow successfully in containers. But after talks with her urban gardening teacher, farmers at the Ferry Plaza market, and my main gardening guide, my mom, it became clear that it really was possible. In fact, given the full sun in my backyard, it was probable that a tree could succeed.

Next up was the question of what variety to grow. K lobbied strongly for gala or fuji whereas I had fantasies of something a bit more exotic. Last Saturday, after swimming lessons, we found our answer at the oasis that is Flora Grubb Gardens here in the city. Standing, almost posed before an old orange truck was one of the most interesting apple trees I have ever seen. Espaliered, it features branches with 6 different varieties: Gala, Fuji, Gravenstein, Jonathan, Braeburn and one tagged as Red M that I have been assuming is a McIntosh (or must we spell it MacIntosh in honor of the iphone?) Today, our tree was delivered. I'd love any advice you might have, because as I said at work, it is my first tree.

K, by the way, thinks we should call it YumYumYum. Uncertain as to why 3 and not six yums.

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