Thursday, May 6, 2010


As cycling fans know, spring brings not just showers and flowers, but the return of professional cycling. I've been a cycling fan since the day in the mid 90s when I randomly happened to be in Paris for the final day of the Tour de France. Roads were closed. Crowds gathered. We watched the cyclists fly by through the windows at the Louvre.

Of course, when we returned to the US it was hard to follow along. But then came Lance and everything changed. Cycling was televised, if often at odd hours on obscure channels. And with the explosion of the internet it became even easier to follow, as one could watch streaming video of races early on a West Coast morning, audio often in Italian or French, while following fans chatting online. I was lucky in the fact that my coworker at the desk next to me is also a fan and we have conversations about pelotons and echelons and breaks while others listen to us and wonder what we could be talking about. In recent years we have even had the opportunity to see some of our favorites on American soil as the Tour of California has brought the pro tour riders to my city or at least one near by. It still amazes me how close fans can get to the cyclists, how even well meaning folks like myself can almost be run over by Mark Cavendish while attempting to photograph George Hincapie. Or how one can get incredibly clear and up close shots of Thor or Fabian or Basso while the majority swarm in an attempt to see Lance or Levi.

So this year, in the spirit of our ABC wine challenge, I have decided to do both a Giro and Tour de France food and wine challenge. Food and wine combined because I am fairly confident that just wine would be against doctor's orders. Like everything this year though, I've left it to the last minute. So I am asking for advice on wines or foods to coincide with each Giro stage. I'll post the list below. All suggestions appreciated in comments. Thanks!

Confession for opening weekend, I'm cheating and eating Gouda. Honestly Amsterdam does not really make me think of wine.

Date Location

Stage 1 May 8 Amsterdam - Amsterdam (ITT)

Stage 2 May 9 Amsterdam - Utrecht

Stage 3 May 10 Amsterdam - Middelburg

Rest day May 11 Savigliano

Stage 4 May 12 Savigliano - Cuneo (TTT)

Stage 5 May 13 Novara - Novi Ligure

Stage 6 May 14 Fidenza - Marina di Carrara

Stage 7 May 15 Carrara - Montalcino

Stage 8 May 16 Chianciano - Monte Terminillo

Stage 9 May 17 Frosinone - Cava de' Tirreni

Stage 10 May 18 Avellino - Bitonto

Stage 11 May 19 Lucera - L'Aquila

Stage 12 May 20 Città Sant'Angelo - Porto Recanti

Stage 13 May 21 Porto Recanti - Cesenatico

Stage 14 May 22 Ferrara - Asolo (Monte Grappa)

Stage 15 May 23 Mestre - Zoncolan

Rest day May 24 Friuli

Stage 16 May 25 San Vigilio di Marebbe - Plan de Corones (TT)

Stage 17 May 26 Brunico - Pejo Terme

Stage 18 May 27 Levico Terme - Brescia

Stage 19 May 28 Brescia - Aprica

Stage 20 May 29 Bormio - Passa del Tonale

Stage 21 May 30 Verona - Verona (TT)


  1. So Glad you are going to do this! I did this (gulp) 5 years ago and it is both fun and challenging. I think I am going to do the smae and add the Giro to the blog rotation.

  2. I look forward to your Giro and TdF posts. I'm doing regional food posts during Tour de France this year. I'm finding the researching a little difficult as I don't read French. I remember reading Jeannes posts when I first began blogging.

  3. We're huge cycling fans too! Came from spending time in the south of France during several Julys, when all is the Tour. Glad to see you are too!

  4. Thanks all. Still hoping for some advice on the regions.

  5. What a fun challenge! I just met a French chef from Australia who is at the Tour de France to film cooking segments. I love how this sport prompts so many delicious foodie happenings.