Friday, June 4, 2010

Mr & Mrs Miscelaneous

Some of you know that I eat ice cream often. It is not so much that I love ice cream, but that K does. I admit that all things being equal, I will choose salt over sugar at least 75% of the time. But when you have a child, you eat ice cream. Unless, I suppose, you are one of those anti-sugar parents. Clearly, if you read this blog you know that I am not anti sugar. I'm anti junk food, but a scoop of good ice cream as a weekly or bi-weekly treat is worth every extra workout minute.

Luckily for K, there is very good ice cream available in the Bay Area. Her first love was Sketch on 4th street in Berkeley. Ruthie and Eric saw her rather often as we went through that first year of preschool and my transition back to work. They offered her her first marshmallow and laughed with me as she cried, because she reacts poorly to new foods. I think in the couple of years that we were regulars, K never ordered anything besides vanilla. Personally, I still miss the fruit flavors and the simply amazing hot chocolate.

After we moved to the city we tried Bi-rite, Humphry Slocombe, Three Twins and of course Mitchells. All had there plusses and minuses. Bi-rite has my beloved salted caramel, usually had some cookies and cream type favor for K but also features long lines and difficult parking. Humphry Slocombe's flavors were a bit exotic for K and my favorite of their flavors, afterschool special is not available at the store. We both liked Three Twins but their limited flavor options and distance from home and school meant that we go rarely. Which means that by default Mitchells is our ice cream store of choice. Two blocks from our apartment, it has K's beloved cookies and cream, always with sprinkles. I'm quite fond of the seasonally available pumpkin. But, when the pumpkin window ends, I have trouble selecting a flavor that truly excites me. Also, on the occasional warm day in the Bay Area waits can be awful. We waited 40 minutes one night.

Which brings us to Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous, our new favorite ice cream store. Even though it is across town from home, it is very conveniently located near Piccino where we eat weekly. And, hey, organic. As I've said here before, Piccino is the perfect restaurant for us: food that both K and I enjoy, a good by the glass wine list and wonderful service. I can not say enough good things about it. Our new routine is dinner at Piccino followed by the short walk down the block to Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous. We've been several times now and have been delighted each time. K loves both the chocolate chip and the cookies n cream. She was also delighted to discover today that they will put whipped cream on a cone. On my first visit I tried several flavors including the ballpark: Chocolate, Pretzels, Anchor Steam beer before settling on the chocolate malted featuring the Valrhona crispy chocolate balls K and I fought over last fall. On another visit I liked the pralines and cream. This afternoon, though, I had what is without a doubt my favorite ice cream of the year. Good enough that after finishing my cone, I ordered a pint to go. The flavor is called Old Fashion and features cherries, Makers and almonds. It is good enough that when K suggested we walk with our cones I said no to focus on the ice cream. I can only hope that my bourboned cherries are so good.

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  1. Yum! I love ice cream too! I've been to Bi-Rite and love the place...but like you said the long lines can turn you away. I will have to check out Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous! Cute name. Thanks for sharing!