Tuesday, November 2, 2010

World Series Wines

I know, I don't write, I don't call, I don't send money transfers. But October was one of those months. To the usual busiest month of the year at work I added a trip back East and an author visit, oysters and muscadet, champagne and more, party and all. So the blog, it was neglected.
I meant to post last week my thoughts on World Series Wines. But, clearly, too late for anything for a recap. As I, and others suggested to Jon Bonne when he asked on twitter, I felt the plan was to match wines to pitcher.  Jon had other ideas and went orange. http://insidescoopsf.sfgate.com/jonbonne/2010/10/28/how-to-toast-the-giants-with-orange-of-course/

But for me:
Game 1 Tim Lincecum meant something quirky.  For me La Clarine Farms Viognier. Slightly different, local and even orange. I've had this wine before, and as I discussed on twitter with David McDuff, was disappointed to discover that this bottle had opened itself a bit on the rack and lost, well, quite a bit.

Game 2 Matt Cain A wonderful pitcher who has both not gotten run support and has been a bit hidden behind Lincecum and his 2 Cy Youngs. For me Ridge Lyttom Springs. A consistent winner that sometimes gets lost in all the talk of the glory that is Monte Bello

Game 3 Jonathan Sanchez I admit it, leftover Ridge and a Manhattan. Between the pre-Halloween craziness and the pizza bowling party, I was up for nothing more.

Game 4 Madison Bumgarner Halloween night. The plan was for something young and promising but the reality another Manhattan and another visit to the LCF Viognier.

Game 5 Lincecum again and back to La Clarine for syrah. A winner for a wonderful game.

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