Friday, June 3, 2011


Rust from our boat

Last night emergency schnitzel


So I'm back. Sadly, my suitcase is not and the call from United Airlines last night to tell me they could deliver my bag at 1 a.m. led to words I should not write. Latest update is a possible delivery tonight.
I have a lot to say about the trip and will do a full write up over the weekend. But for those eager to see what I've been up to I'll share our itinerary and a link to the photographs of our trip. More to come very soon as the Austrian Wine Marketing Board puts on a wonderful event.

Saturday, 28th of May 2011
07.00 pm
Get-together on the Nussberg
Rotes Haus, Vienna
Sunday, 29th of May 2011
09.15 am
Carnuntum Zweigelt Masters
Winery Netzl, Göttlesbrunn
12.00 noon
Neusiedlersee Luncheon Featuring Zweigelt
Restaurant Nyikospark, Neusiedl am See
02.30 pm
Sparkling Boat Trip across Lake Neusiedl
04.00 pm
Burgenland´s Liquid Gold Tasting
Austrian Wine Academy, Rust
07.30 pm
Burgenland & Carnuntum Gourmet Dinner
Restaurant Taubenkobel, Schützen am Gebirge
Monday, 30th of May 2011
09.00 am
Leithaberg DAC Tasting at Leithaberg
Single vineyard site "Himmelreich", Donnerskirchen
11.30 am
Visit of the Esterhazy Palace
12.30 pm
Pannonian Luncheon
Restaurant Henrici, Eisenstadt
02.30 pm
Comperative Blind Tasting
Esterházy Palace, Eisenstadt
05.15 pm
Vineyard Rallye & Private Dining with Winemakers
Tuesday, 31st of May 2011
09.00 am
Tasting of Mittelburgenland DAC
Vinatrium, Deutschkreutz
12.00 pm
Eisenberg DAC - Luncheon and Winebar
Restaurant Wachter-Wieslers Ratschen, Deutsch Schützen
07.00 pm
Big Austrian Wine Party
Waggon 31, Prater

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