Monday, September 12, 2011

An Excess of Jam

Things that happen when I spend a bit too much time at home. . .

Top 4 shelves, all jam.

Not the canning itself, but the time to really look at what I have on hand. As I sorted through my bookshelf of jars this weekend in advance of a planned tomato sauce day, I was left with two conclusions:
1 I need to make more pickles. Although I had thought it virtually impossible, I am out of both pickled green beans and carrots, my go-to cocktail party items. On the other hand, I have pickled mango, rhubarb, plums and many other random jars.

2 I have too much jam. Now that K has been weaned off of her daily nut butter with jam sandwich and has decided that she prefers honey on her yogurt, I have more jars than even an upcoming holiday gift bonanza can take care of. Though, not to worry, I will still be sending jam. But I have multiple jars of apricot, peach, blueberry, strawberry and plum jam along with a few others. That does not even include the assorted fruit butters and chutneys.

So, given my limited budget these days, it seems a fine time to make use of some of these jars. I have plenty of recipes for all sorts of baking projects but am wondering if any of my readers have suggestions for savory uses? Marinade, glazes, secret chili additions, cocktails, whatever you have found that works for you. I'll choose a favorite, try it out and send you a jar of jam as a thank you.

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  1. if you have red current or something close to that, add it to and serve it with Swedish meatballs.