Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Garden Update

Lots and lots of lavender.
My garden is not beautiful. But I am grateful to have it. Especially with the addition of many half wine barrels from Kevin Hamel to replace the decaying containers I had had used for many years. 
Perhaps more for myself, a record of our successes and failures.
A great year for berries, again. A mediocre year for tomatoes, again. Though, if you look carefully, you can see that the plants have at long last filled with tomatoes. Will they ripen before the rains come? Uncertain. It was also a good year for pumpkin blossoms, but no pumpkins, again. K's strawberry popcorn thrived, so I take back everything I said to her about corn not growing in San Francisco. The apple tree is very much in need of pruning, but we had a large enough harvest to both snack and make an apple pie. For year two, that is exciting. The peach tree that K insisted we buy at Whole Foods is still alive. For $10, why not experiment? 

End of season blackberries

Will they ripen pre-rain?

Another great year for strawberries and raspberries. Average for the blueberries.

The cats are allowed out when we are there. Violet is hoping I won't remember to bring her back in.

Strawberry popcorn, curing

From above:lavender planted by the landlord, blackberries, my container crops, and more

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