Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: Time for Pressue Canning

Willow and Oolong hoping the box will be emptied and available soon.
Pressure canning is one of those things that I have meant to try for a few years now. I had all sorts of excuses: I was still mastering water bath canning, I didn't have a pressure canner, Even if I had a pressure canner I had no storage space for it, etc. 
An early birthday gift, courtesy of friend Amy, suggests that I may have run out of excuses.  
So the question now is what to start with? I'll read guidebooks and research on my own, but I'm guessing that like with water bath canning, there are a few tips that I might like to know ahead of time. I'd love some suggestions of favorite recipes. Stock, pumpkin, beans?  Oolong and Willow, by the way, are hoping for home canned fish and meat.

When asked to look at the camera, they prove once again that cats do not obey orders.

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