Monday, February 6, 2012

Contador Ban: Two Years

Nothing like a bit of cycling news released immediately following the Superbowl. I have not yet read the decision, but info can be found at Cycling NewsPodium Cafe, The Inner Ring and probably every other cycling site out there. The decision will be discussed and argued about for a long time, but the immediate takeaway seems to be that the ban is backdated, starting from January 1 2011. Contador loses the 2010 Tour & 2011 Giro victories and is out from racing until August 5 2012, with the time deducted for the provisional suspension served. He'll miss this year's Giro, Tour de France and the Olympic competitions, but can return for the Vuelta. This also means that Andy Schleck gets the 2010 Tour win and that Michele Scarponi is the winner of the 2011 Giro.

And in case you have not yet seen it, be sure to read Bonnie Ford's story on the end of the Lance Armstrong case: End of Armstrong Case Raises Questions.

In other cycling related news, I'm still looking for suggestions for either the Wines of the Giro or the Tour de France



  1. Regarding the wines, on the cycling routes, in France; there was a Documentery, produced about the same time as last year's and, detailed, the "Celebratory Nature", of the French, observable at all types of Events. They go straight, to the "Top Shelf" and bring out the Champagne (all varieties). Love to hear, from you!

    1. Champagne is a very good option. Have a favorite?