Friday, May 18, 2012

Wines of the Giro Stage 13
Savona to Cervere
Stage type: Flat
Length of the course: 121 KM

Podium Cafe says:
The stage profile has a few bumps early on, including a category 4 climb to Montezemolo. Inside 10 kilometers to race, there's a sharp uphill ramp. . . .
There is no descent from this final climb. Instead, the course climbs to a plateau and runs flat to the finish. That's bad news for the sprinters, because it means they can't slack on the climb and chase back on the descent. They'll have to put some muscle into this one, if they want to make it to the finish with the main field.
At just 121 kilometers, this stage is short, which will make it difficult for a breakaway to make much progress. They'll get out there just in time for the sprinters' teams to reel them back in. That stealthy uncategorized climb near the finish could offer a shot for someone feeling feisty to foil the sprinters. But it's a long-shot move, really. This one's for Cavendish, if Ferrari doesn't again spoil his party.

Long breakaway, check. Attempts to disrupt the sprinters' plans, check. But in the end: Cav!
EuroHoody 8:27am via web
Sublime victory by Cav; his best of Giro, came from 5th wheel to complete Giro hat-trick #giro

Stage: Mark Cavendish
Maglia Rosa: Joaquim Rodriguez

Why yes, I do write the stage numbers on the bottles.

Wine: Burlotto G.B. Comm. Verduno Pelaverga 2010 $19.99 at 67Wine

They say: Controlled Denomination of Origin D.O.C. 20/10/1995
This is a DOC classification limited to a small area of vineyards in the territories of Verduno and La Morra, promoted by today’s wine-makers with an aim similar to the one shown by Beato Valfrè (born in Verduno) two centuries ago.
The Pelaverga grapes ripen in a medium-late period: in the first ten days of October. The Pelaverga Piccolo grape variety is peculiar to this area and differs from the Pelaverga variety grown in the surroundings of Saluzzo.
Geographical distribution
The Pelaverga Piccolo variety is grown in a small area of the Alba district around Verduno (in the province of Cuneo).
Verduno Pelaverga
It is not to be confused neither with Pelaverga produced in the surroundings of Saluzzo (Pelaverga di Pagno) that in the area of Chieri is called Cari, nor with Pelaverga from Canavese. The wine, which contains at least 85% of Pelaverga Piccolo grapes, has a moderate alcohol content (minimum 11%), a colour not very intense with cherry or violet hues, a spicy aroma, an intense, fragrant, fruity bouquet, and a dry, snappy taste which is velvety and harmonious.

I say:  Spice, white pepper, berries, light ruby color. Fresh and very easy to drink. Makes me think of Beaujolais, in its "gulpability." And, of course, many have said that before.But this is one I will buy more of for summer and beyond.

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