Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wines of the Giro 2013: The Complete List

A complete list of this year's Giro wines, with a link to each post.  

A note on the wines: Each fall, the Giro route for the ext year is announced. At that point I create a spreadsheet to plot the regions through which each stage travels. Occasionally, I have a wine on hand, but because I do not have a large cellar of Italian wines, most of these wines are purchased specifically for this project. Thus, budget and availability are always an issue. I try to link on each post to the stores where I purchased the wine. This year most came from either 67Wine, with help from Melissa Sutherland or Biondivino, with help from Ceri Smith. 
The wines selected each year are not necessarily the most famous or greatest wines of each region. Instead, they are chosen because they either represent a typical style or grape for the area or, in contrast, are unusual enough to be something that I am just really curious about. Because, after all, I started this project not just to inform myself about Italian wine but to have fun as well. 

On a non-wine related point, I write the cycling sections of each post live, which serves to give an "as-it-happens" feel to the posts, but more importantly, allows me to get on with the rest of my day as soon as each stage ends.  

Up next: Wines of the Tour de France prep and a few canning and cooking posts before the June 29th TdF start date!  

Stage 1: Cantine Federiciane Monteleone Penisola Sorrentina Gragnano 2011 

Stage 2: Casa d’Ambra Ischia Frassitelli 2010

Stage 3: Marisa Cuomo Costa D'amalfi Ravello White 2010

Stage 4: Antica Masseria Venditti Falanghina Sannio Vandari 2010

Stage 5: Gricos Aglianico Del Vulture 2008

Stage 6: Rubino Primitivo Punto Aquila 2010

Stage 7: La Murola Montepulciano 2010

Stage 8: Fattoria Di San Lorenzo Verdicchio Riserva Vigna Delle Oche 2010

Stage 9: Palistorti Valgiano Toscana 2011

Stage 10: Keber Collio 2011

Stage 11: Ronchi di Cialla Rosso 2007

Stage 12: Monteforche Vigneto Carantina 2010

Stage 13: Derthona Massa 2010

Stage 14: Francesco Brigatti Vespolina 2011

Stage 15: Domaine Belluard "Le Feu" 2009

Stage 16: Institut Agricole Regional Aoste Petite Arvine 2010
Stage 17: Ca dei Frati “I Frati” Lugana 2010

Stage 18: Heinrich Mayr Nusserhof Lagrein Riserva 2006

Stage 19: Kuenhof Kaiton Riesling 2011

Stage 20: Andreas Baron Widmann Vernatsch Sudtirol 2010

Stage 21: Calabretta Rosato

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