Monday, July 28, 2014

Wines of the Tour de France 2014: The Complete List

Hard to believe that another edition of the Tour is over. I am pretty delighted by Vincenzo Nibali's victory. He rode a wonderful race from start to finish and as some readers may know, I've been a fan of his racing style for years. Other highlights: cobbles, Tony Martin and two Frenchmen on the podium.
On a sad note, I'm still upset about Cav crashing out and it would have been a pleasure to see Taylor Phinney in his first Tour. Next year!

Wine-wise, my biggest thank you  to Christy Frank from Frankly Wines who is responsible for sourcing and suggesting many of the wines that I pair with each day's stage. Her enthusiastic help makes this both an easier and more interesting project. Who else would find both a wine from Luxembourg and suggest to still wines for the Champagne stages? 
It would also not be a Wines of the Tour without several wines from
Selection Massale. Sign up for their mailing list here.  

Below: the complete Tour wine list, with links to each blog post. 

My wine of the Tour: Marie-Noelle Ledru Coteaux Champenois Ambonnay Rouge

Stage 1: 2011 Ridgeview Sparkling Cavendish
Stage 2: Cadenhead's Old Raj Gin
Stage 3: Fernando Castillo en Rama fino
Stage 4: Cuvee des Jacobins rouge and Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Ale
Stage 5: Clos de Rochers Auxerrois
Stage 6: 2008 Roger Coulon Coteaux Champenois Blanc
Stage 7: Marie-Noelle Ledru Coteaux Champenois Ambonnay Rouge
Stage 8: Chateau de Vaux Pinot 2012
Stage 9: Domaine Ostertag 2011 Riesling Vignobe D’e
Stage 10: Guy Bussière Domaine du Val de Saone Gamay Flûte Enchantée
Stage 11: Bornard Tant-Mieux Pétillant Naturel Rosé NV
Stage 12: Maison B Perraud  Moulin a Vent 2012 
Stage 13: Dominique Lucas "Un Matin Face au Lac" Chasselas 2012
Stage 14: A La Tache, "Badel"  Saint Joseph
Stage 15: Château de Lascaux Rosé 2013 
Stage 16: 2012 Aubunite La Sorga
Stage 17: La Ferme du Vert l'AmouReuse
Stage 18: Atxa Vermouth Blanco
Stage 19: Cazottes Reine-Claude
Stage 20: Chateau les Farcies Pécharmant
Stage 21: Andre Robert Les Mesnil 2006

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