Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesdays with Dorie, With K: Rugelach

And we are back, with another installment of Tuesdays with Dorie. Up first this month, rugelach. A cookie, that K points out, she has never eaten. How that is possible I do not know, but anyway, on with the baking.
First off, the dough, which features butter and cream cheese. A combination that I am pretty delighted by.
K made the dough, which we then put in the fridge overnight.
Then it was time to think about the filling. K had little enthusiasm for the suggested coconut, pecan, chocolate and raisin mixture so we opted for dried apricots, chocolate and pecans.

Next up, rolling out the dough, filling and then rolling the pieces to form logs. Our logs were perhaps not the most perfect ever, but into the freezer they went to chill before cutting and baking.
The end result:

K's verdict? Another thumbs up.

My verdict: also a thumbs up. Although we did have some cracking issues with the rolls, most of the rugelach held together and the flavor was excellent. Next up: the recipe I am really worried about: Buche de Noel.


  1. The good thing about baking, even the mistakes taste good! Don't worry about the next recipe, just keep baking; practice makes perfect! Nice job on the rugelach.

  2. The cookies look wonderful and I love the changes you made to the filling (apricots are more traditional in these anyway than cherries)

  3. Looks like these turned out great. The best thing about slicing the rolls is that even if they're uneven it doesn't make a bit of difference with the individual cookie. For the buche de noel just keep in mind-frosting fixes everything;)

  4. Your flavor combination sounds delicious! Maybe next time (because there will be a next time)

  5. Apricots sound like a delicious addition! And obviously one that was enjoyed!

  6. They look wonderful...and sound wonderful with those combinations. I love it when people show product packaging, I'm not sure why, but I just get so thrilled to see the packaging.