Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wine and Food of the Giro 2014 Stage 4: Ulissi, L'acino Chora & Biscotti di Zia Flora

Where are we?
From the Giro site:  Also known as the “city of the two seas”, Catanzaro stretches on the narrowest strip of land in Italy, overlooking the Ionian Sea, and just a few kilometres away from the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The old town centre, perched on three hills, speaks to the different cultures that ruled the city throughout the centuries, affecting its architecture and customs.
Just outside the historic centre, instead, the ruins of ancient civilizations, together with more recent monuments, serve as the perfect backdrop for one of Italy’s most beautiful stretches of coastline.

Specialty food: Morzello e soffritto nella pitta (veal- or pork-innards stew served in a loaf of bread), vermituri (escargots), fresh homemade pasta (served with spicy meat sauce), monaceddhi (egg and chocolate dessert), cuzzupe (Easter donuts), nipitelle (pastries with raisins, walnuts and honey)

Wine: Bivongi, Melissa, Lamezia, Savuto, Scavigna (white and red)

Praia a Mare: Originally a fishing and farming village, Praia a Mare is presently a major tourist destination, which attracts thousands of visitors every year with its charming old town centre, its historical and architectural masterpieces and especially the unlimited natural heritage of the island of Dino. 

The village boasts marvellous beaches and caves, such as Grotta delle Sardine. This cave gets its name from the abundance of sardines and oily fish, which are masterfully prepared into a variety of typical local delicacies.

COOKING Handmade fusilli, handmade cold cuts, fish dishes

Wine: L’acino chora 2013
Note: almost every wine this Giro comes from  one of my very favorite wine shops, Biondivino. Thanks Ceri!
 "Founded in 2006 by Antonello Canonico, Dino Briglio and Emilio Di Ciann (all natives of the mountain town of San Marco Argentano), L'Acino is a communal effort to express the oft-forgotten possibilities of Calabrian terroir. When the project began, the three friends were working full-time in unrelated fields: Antonello was a film director, Dino a historian and Emilio a lawyer. Though they had no viticultural or winemaking experience, their love of wine was enough to start an estate, and the trio's taste for "natural" wine meant focusing their attention on organic viticulture and minimal intervention winemaking."
Grapes: Magliocco Canino, Guernaccia Nera

Ancient grape alert! Purple in the glass with red fruit. Lots of minerals, with finish that has me reaching for another sip. Juicy. 

Food: Biscotti di Zia Flora from Southern Italian Desserts by Rosetta Costantino
Lemon "wreath" cookies with a glaze and rainbow, or in this case, red, white and green sprinkles. Because, of course, the Giro. As you can see, K did not skimp on the glaze.


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