Monday, April 19, 2010

Now onto the Awards

It will surprise few of you that after the blowout Saturday night and the concerts and the smoke and the dryness of Vegas, Sunday was a bit of a rough morning. We even gave in to the lure of room service as Amy had some work to do.

We did manage to motivate ourselves for the Awards show itself. For those who wonder, I ended up in a black Nanette Lepore dress with Alex's cowboy boots. Jason, that hat did not come to the show. The people watching at this event was amazing from very young looking soldiers in their cress uniforms to beautiful gowns to not so beautiful gowns that looked like the belonged at a prom in the 80s. And, of course, men in cowboy hats. We had been warned that the doors would close at 4:30 and to arrive early to be in our seats ahead of time. Given the high quality people watching that was a good thing. Our seats were up and to the left of the stage, allowing us to see not just the performances, but backstage as well. I also found out the answer to my long time question of what award show guests do during the tv commercials. (The show aired live on the East Coast.) It turned out we watched clips from older shows and ads for albums. We also had countdowns to the return from commercials so we could cheer appropriately.

The show itself was 3 hours long, pretty much to the minute. Highlights included an opening number with Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and special guests including Charlie Daniels on the fiddle. For me the other highlights were Taylor Swift who flew in from across the arena, landing quite near us before ending up on stage to sing with a chorus, Brad Paisley with his water act, Brooks and Dunn singing My Maria and watching the celebs in the front rows dance (Taylor Swift with the repeated first pump, looking like the 20 year old she is), and Toby Keith with Wayman's Song. Whether or not one is a country fan, the opportunity to see the stars of the genre on one stage on one night is an amazing opportunity. I agreed, in my not very knowledgeable way with most of the award winners, though I did feel Taylor Swift deserved entertainer of the year. But, hard to seriously argue with the fans choice of Carrie Underwood. And yes, I have an opinion. Wow.

Afterwards we headed back to the room to change out of our awards clothing before getting a text inviting us to come down for the All Star Jam. After wandering in circles a lot longer than we should have, we found the backstage entrance and settled in with drinks, well, water for me, and watched some of the "up and comers perform. Highlights for me included a couple of covers: Sharp Dressed Man and American Girl. It was fun and loud and late and nice to be backstage.

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