Sunday, March 20, 2011

Online Bake Sale for Japan

We have all been shaken by the recent events in Japan. First the earthquake, followed by the tsunami and now the ongoing nuclear fears. Today I am happy to announce my participation in an online bake sale for Japan. Coordinated by Sabrina Modelle, the bake sale will take place on March 30th with bidding live for one day only. You'll have a chance to bid on baked goods and other sweets that participating bloggers are pledging. Although I have not seen the complete list yet, I'd imagine there will be some rather appealing items.

All proceeds will go to Second Harvest Japan

More info can be found at:

For those in the Bay Area, there will be a traditional bake sale as well on April 2nd. Because I'll be hosting a sleepover for K's 9th birthday that day, I will not be able to participate, though perhaps it might be a good place to find a birthday cake. I wonder if anyone would accept a commission? Details for that sale, taking place in several Bay Area locations, are here.

For my contribution,  I decided not to bake. As I have said before, my sweets taste good, but my decoration skills are lousy. Instead, I asked K to choose three jars of preserves, with a theme. She chose citrus, because,"It is cheerful."

1 jar Honeyed blood oranges
recipe here:  blood-and-honey 
1 jar Rosemary Orange Marmalade
(no post for this one)
1 jar Kumquats in Mint Syrup recipe here

All have been water processed and are shelf stable.

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