Saturday, August 20, 2011

On Not Drinking the Wines of the Vuelta

The Vuelta starts today. The third of the cycling Grand Tours, it follows the Giro and the Tour de France. For both of other tours, I pair a wine to each stage. I've done it for several years and very much enjoy the planning and the opportunity to drink outside of my comfort areas. Though, I admit to Riesling cravings. 

This year, l thought that perhaps I should try the wines of the Vuelta. Because, to be completely honest, I know very little about Spanish wine and I figured it would be good to learn. I even thought that this might be the tour to pair food and wine. Something that some year I will be organized enough to do.  But then my position was eliminated at work. So there went the wine budget. And despite a wine rack reorganization project and a careful search, it became clear that I did not have a single bottle of Spanish wine in my home. That is right, of the of 400 or so bottles here, not a single one is from Spain. Which, is kind of odd and something I should probably rectify. But, not today. I've got a Street Food Festival to attend after all.

So like the cyclists who sometimes do the double (two tours) but never attempt all three, I'm taking the Vuelta off. I'll be watching, indeed, I am watching the Team Time Trial as I write. But there will be no wines to pair. Perhaps next year? Or maybe what I really need is a trip to Spain.

Note: It has been pointed out to me that I do have two bottles of rioja in the stash of 2002 wines I am saving for K. I had put them away and forgotten all about them.

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