Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Post from K: Cookies and Cream Pudding

Ready to go!
Whisking the pudding. I love my Wicked shirt!
Cookie crumbs, in process
Violet watched
To finish, whipped cream and a few chocolate pearls

Turns out 3 was both the entry number and placement!
K's thoughts on the Omnivore Books pudding contest:
When Mama told me that there was going to be a pudding contest at Omnivore, I wanted to enter. Actually, I wanted to eat pudding, but it seemed like it might be fun to do both. I had never made pudding before so it was really hard for me to decide to know what to make. Mama had a bunch of ideas like chocolate and butterscotch, but I wanted to do a vanilla pudding. Mama said it might be fun to think of something besides just plain vanilla. So I came up with the idea of layering. Mama suggested that I could layer with the Blue Bottle sable cookies, that I had made when we tested recipes. 

Step one was to make the cookies. Instead of making them look nice, I made a mess on the baking sheet because I was going to crumble them and did not care how they looked. Plus, it was fun. The next step was the pudding. I used a recipe from Smitten Kitchen and one from the New York Times. I started with one recipe and it seemed like it was not going to thicken. I let it sit overnight and then made a new pudding recipe, which worked. After I made the new one, I reheated the old one and it thickened. It needed to chill quickly because it was almost time for the contest.
When the puddings were cold, I started the next step, layering. I did cookies, pudding, cookies, a lot of pudding, cookies, pudding and then whipped cream flavored with vanilla. Then Mama let me use some of her chocolate pearls on top. 

Carrying it to the contest was hard! It was heavy and Mama had to help. My pudding was the third entry. There were a lot of people and a lot of different puddings. People got to taste every pudding and then they voted for their favorite. I came in third, sort of, because there was a tie for second place. It was really fun and I want to try doing it again.

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