Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bachelor's Jam Update & A Vinho Verde Contest

Apologies for being somewhat quiet. I'm in the midst of prepping for my annual Wines of the Tour de France. The good news is that I have finalized my wine selection. Now: to research and drink!

Plus, school is out for the summer and K and I are hard at work on a few Cooking from the Books with K posts. If I tell you that the first one involves blueberry pie, can you guess the book?                                                                                             Progress continues on my Bachelor's Jam. Recent additions have included more strawberries, plus some stone fruit, along with more sugar and vodka. I'm debating cherries or blueberries as my next addition. I'm trying to get as much variety now before the blackberries ripen in the garden and I'm tempted to add them daily. Maybe I should try a second, all-blackberry version?

If you read back a little bit, you can read about a press trip I took to visit the Vinho Verde wine growing region in Portugal. The area was lovely and it was a great opportunity to taste the variety of wines produced from sparkling to rosé to the often rustic reds and of course, the better known whites. 

Just in time for summer, the Wines of Vinho Verde organization is sponsoring a Passport to Vinho Verde promotion. This promotion features tastings in San Francisco, New York and Chicago. plus a contest to win a trip to visit.


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