Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wines of the Tour de France 2013

It is that time again. This year's race kicks off Saturday, June 29th!

After lots of research and much help, my spreadsheet is full and I have started pre-drinking wines. Unlike previous years when the Tour has included stops abroad, for this 100th edition, the race will stay in France, albeit with three opening days in Corsica. Almost all wine this time, though both a cider and sour cherry liqueur are on my list. Special thanks this year to Christy at FranklyWines for her her sourcing wines from some of the more challenging regions.

The full route map:

As I've mentioned before, I have some rules:
I started this project to force myself to drink different wines. As much as some might imagine the best plan of attack to be the so called greatest wines from each region, budget is a reality so representative or interesting is a more realistic goal. Some wines may be more expensive than others, but these are wines that are readily sourced now and almost always under $50. 

In case you haven't followed along before, the rules. Note that these are my rules and any inconsistencies or quirks are my own.

1 For each stage of the race, drink a wine that comes from the closest region to either the start town, finishing town or actual route.
2 Each day, publish a post describing both the days race action and the accompanying wine.
3 The cycling portion of the race will be written as it happens.
4 In cases when the stage takes place in non wine-growing regions, find an alternate local drink. Beer, cider and hard alcohol are typical substitutes.
5 Some pre-drinking is allowable, to avoid 7 a.m. wine tasting, but all wines must be consumed no more than three weeks before the start of the race. Thus, wines tasted at trade tastings in January do not count. 
6 However, wines purchased at an earlier time, that I have in my so-called cellar, are perfectly acceptable if they pair with the route.
7 The final day in Paris is paired with either Champagne or a wine from the race winner's home region.

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  1. She's trained all year for this. She's ready. Liver's looking in great shape. She's a crafty veteran, and she's going to really surprise this time. Look for her to dominate in the mountains. Big worry: Reims. Just hope the weather holds up for her to show her best stuff.