Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wine & Food of the Giro 2017 Stage 18

Moena – Ortisei/St. Urlich, 137 km

Placed between the Latemar, the Vallaccia and the Costalunga passage, it is known as “the Dolomites Fairy” and is the most populous and pretty village of the Val di Fassa.
From the Giro site:
FOOD: Knödel, ciajoncìe (ravioli stuffed with potatoes and dry figs), apple strudel, fortaes (fried funnel cakes served with fruit jam); Puzzone di Moena DOP, Nostrano di Fassa and Cuor di Fassa (cheeses), speck; schüttelbrot and puces (bread types), honey.
Ortisei is the most lively and important village of Val Gardena.
This colourful alpine village features a charming pedestrian area with plenty of pubs, restaurants, shops and lovely sqqures. The ancient ladin culture is witnessed by churches, monuments and by the “Museo de Gherdëina”.
Food: Panicia (barley soup), jufa (milk mousse and corn flour), grosti da patac (toast with potatoes), crafuncins (fresh pasta with spinachs).

The stage:
This should be a good one. 

Behind, many attacks and back and forth. 

Thirteen kilometers to go and it was Landa and vanGarderen at the front. 

 Attack by Quintana. He would get a small gap, but not the distance he was looking for. Ahead, vanGarderen dropped Landa, but Landa would catch him. Continued small attacks from the favorites group, but would anyone have the legs to get away?

To my surprise,  Tejay would hang on!


Wine: Pomodolce croatina 
From Biondivino:
Azienda Pomodolce is located in Piedmont, within the district of Alessandria. Specifically Montemarzino, where you find three different production zones; Fontanino, Pomodolce e Barone. All vineyard work is done according to organic viticulture, with respect to quality and yield. 
A bit on the grape Croatina. AKA Bonarda; this is an ancient varietal is planted throughout Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna. In Lombardy’s Oltrepo’ Pavese and Emilia’s Colli Piacentini it is known strictly as Bonarda. 100% Bonarda is grown in Piedmont, however it is typically blended with other varietals.


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