Sunday, May 7, 2017

Wine & Food of the Giro 2017 Stage 3: Wind!

Tortolì – Cagliari, 148 km

Where are we?
The local tourist site tells me that:
Cagliari protects the history and the memory of the ancient cultures that succeeded in the city. During the centuries the numerous and different people that inhabited Cagliari, infused a homely character toward the visitors. The testimony of the different cultures is evident through its streets: the Punic in the ruins of the Necropoli of Tuvixeddu, the Roman Karales in the magnificent amphitheatre, the Byzantine in the Basilica of San Saturnino, the Pisan with the tall towers and the Piedmontese one with the Royal Palace. Prints and millenary traces to discover along the narrow lanes where only carts and carriages passed by. A few steps suffice, among ancient and new buildings, to all of a sudden enjoy the enchantment of fascinating monuments that tell the history of the city.

From the Giro site:
FOOD Fregula cun cociula (traditional clam and pasta soup), burrida a sa casteddaia (walnut marinated dogfish), sea urchin spaghetti (spaghittus cun arrizzonis), Cagliari-style lobster (aligusta a sa casteddaia).
WINE Cannonau, Monica, Girò, Carignano del Sulcis (red), Vermentino, Nasco, Malvasia, Semidano, Nuragus, Moscato (white).

The stageSprint stage alert. The word of the day is flat. Our early break of the day: Tratnik, Rovny, Sbaragli, Zhupa. Eighty five kilometers to go and the gap was under two minutes. So far, another quiet day, though there is talk about cross winds ahead. One can always dream of echelons
Little action, but some speed today. With forty five kilometers to go, the average speed has been 45.25 km/h.

Thirty five kilometers to go and the gap to break was just over a minute.

Twenty five kilometers to go and the break was caught. The story of the day so far: punctures. As in many and many flat tires. Some nerves in the peloton now with the wind and short stage.Under ten kilometers and splits were opening. Impressive riding by Quick Step to break the race apart. Three kilometers to go and Greipel and others were twenty seconds back. Would he lose pink? On the front Siutsou, Selig, Jungels, Gaviria, Keisse, Martinelli, Richeze, Haas, and Janse Van Rensburg. With the win: Gaviria! He gets the stage and pink.


Wine: Cardedu 'Caladu' Cannonau di Sardegna  from Biondivino

From the importer: CANNONAU is an indigenous grape variety from Sardegna (possibly with Spanish origins). The vineyards of Cardedu (car-DAY-do) are in the area of Ogliastra, the most mountainous and least populous province on the island. 
Here on the southeast coast of Sardegna the Loi family grows and makes wines from the native varieties Vermentino, Cannonau, and Monica. Cardedu is one of the island’s better known traditional producers. The Loi family doesn’t think of itself as a natural wine producer, yet all wines are fermented with native yeasts, and there’s dry farming without use of herbicides or pesticides.

Food: Olearia Fratelli Pinna was founded in 1997 by three brothers whose father had been in the olive oil business for more than 50 years. The Pinna brothers were raised with a deep respect for the regional traditions in Cagliari and continue to refer to them in their production today.

Their Sardinian artichoke cream contains DOP-protected artichokes grown in Ittiri that have been finely chopped and soaked in "Denocciolato di Bosana" extra virgin olive oil. 

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