Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Have a Cold

Which is not that big a deal really, so long as I am able to taste by tomorrow's Terry Theise tasting. Meaning, I am willing to put some effort today into feeling better. In my case that means wonton soup and a can of coke. Also, a workout even though I wanted to just sleep and a long, warm bath.

It has me thinking about the foods we crave when we are sick. I want coke, something I rarely drink except on road trips. I don't know if it is the sweetness or the caffeine or the carbonation, but cold, flu, ankle sprain, it is coke that I desire. Preferably the Mexican coke sold in glass bottles from the corner market, but in a pinch a can will do. Soup is also a given, though I find I prefer wonton or ramen to the chicken soup of my childhood.

The other constant craving is one that I rarely satisfy. When we were sick as children, my sugar restrictive mother used to make us custard. It was sweet and creamy and smooth, serving I suppose, the same purpose as my daughter's ice cream. I imagine it is a Jof of Cooking recipe, but I'll need to call home and ask. Mom would bake it in the oven, in a large casserole, never ramekins, placed carefully in a larger roasting pan filled partway with water. While sick, we were allowed it not just as a treat, but as breakfast as well. I haven't had this custard since, well, probably puberty, but I can still remember the taste of it on those days when strep throat made every thing else seem far too painful. 

I think when I'm better, I'll make some custard. Anyone else have any regular illness food cravings?

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  1. I crave fruit -- fresh fruit. Oranges, apples, berries, grapes. I think it's the sugar content.