Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mystery Box 1/6/11

I've always meant to join a CSA. But, practically, as a single adult living with a veggie-hating child, I've always been scared away by the quantities involved. I love vegetables, but a full box every week is simply too many for me to eat. I've thought about sharing with friends, but I'm lazy and coordinating seems like a hassle. So a few years ago I was delighted to hear about the Mariquita Mystery Box. I was familiar with Mariquita from their years at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and had even considered their Two Small Farms CSA. But, commitment.

The Mystery Box, however, is perfect for people like me. First of all, it is opt in. Julia sends out an email and you choose if that week will work for you. Second, it is bi-weekly, which gives me a far better shot at eating rather than simply composting. Third, the pickup site rotates from a group of restaurants around San Francisco, but once a month includes Katie's favorite Piccino. There she can have her beloved margherita, no green and I can have a glass of wine from their appealing wine list and a pizza of my choice, generally topped with eggs. It is the perfect time for us to talk and relax. Katie, by the way, likes Piccino so much that she has chosen it several years running for her birthday meal.

To give you a sense of the Mystery Box, I'll list the contents from this week along with a few pictures. For $25, it is an amazing amount of food. And more importantly, not just quantity but quality. If you live in San Francisco, you really should try it at least once. Produce changes through the seasons, but always includes a list available online with recipes and links to even more recipes and information.

1/6/11 list
Savoy cabbage x 1 head                              
Orange  or Green Cauliflower  
Scallions x 1 bunch                                          
Fresh Onions ‘green tailed’ 
Red beets bunched                               
Potatoes, red or yellow x 2lbs                                                            
Sorrel 1 bunch                                         
Red Chard                                    
Rapini (sometimes called Raab)                                             
Treviso and Castelfranco radicchio


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