Sunday, May 15, 2011

Charcutepalooza: Sausage

And for May we have the Grinding Challenge:

Using any method to chop the meat, for the Apprentice Challenge, we ask that you make Breakfast Sausage patties.
Using any method to chop the meat, for the Charcutiere Challenge, please make either Merguez or Mexican Chorizo (as bulk sausage.)

Lisa and I opted for chorizo, though I do suspect that I truly am an apprentice. Luckily I had a bone-in pork shoulder from Marin Sun Farms in my freezer and Lisa had the kitchenaid grinding attachment so it seemed like the hardest part of this challenge would be timing. Between family visits and Giro wine, it took until the 14th for us to get grinding. And, yes, there is no way to type that without snickering. 

Arriving at Lisa's with K in tow, I assumed we would be in for a quick day. First up was removing the meat from the still somewhat frozen bone-in shoulder. Easy enough, though I don't think I'll be butchering whole hogs for crowds anytime soon. Meanwhile, Lisa mixed together our spice mix. Pork was diced and combined with spices and put into the freezer to chill with the kitchenaid attachments and several bowls.  

A little while later, everything was brought back out and grinding began. Or really, failed to  truly begin. Whether it was human error involving poorly butchered meat and sinews clogging the blades or if the garage sale blades were simply too dull, grinding failed. Not deterred, we cleaned the equipment, put everything back into the freezer and took a lunch break to enjoy homemade gravlax.

Back at it, we were met once again with failure. Clearly, it was time for plan B: the food processor. After another chilling break,  our pork was easily transformed into chorizo. We then fried up a piece of our homemade version next to the Fatted Calf version Lisa had purchased.  Our conclusion, the Fatted Calf version was the clear winner but our version was a fine first effort.

And what will I do with the chorizo? I'm thinking a breakfast taco with scrambled eggs, chorizo, Rancho Gordo Rio Zape Beans and home canned hot sauce.  But that, I admit, will wait until after Wines of the Giro and my upcoming travel is done. Next time, I'm curious about homemade hot dogs. Something about a party with both pimento cheese and pigs in a blanket made with homemade hot dogs is calling to me. 


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