Friday, May 13, 2011

Giro Stage 6

And today we are in the Lazio, traveling from Orvieto to Fiuggi Terme.

To be honest, this was a dull stage. The stage was a long slog of 216km circling just east of Rome, one of those that were it in the middle of the race, I might find myself zoning out on. Predictable break and almost the predictable win by Petacchi
 In other news, Sunday's stage to Mount Etna in Sicily might be forced to alter its route. Europe's most active volcano erupted again last night, though so far the race is saying plans have not changed. A small crater released some lava and dust on the volcano's east flank. This activity shouldn't threaten the stage but the Giro will monitor the situation in the case of further eruptions.

Stage: Francisco Ventoso
Maglia Rosa: Peter Weening

Wine: Capolemole Carpinetti 06 $19.99
They say: Carpineti’s organic estate, farmed with the assistance of his son, is one hour outside Rome. His “Capolemole” is produced of Bellone, a native variety of Lazio, and perhaps sharing DNA with Malvasia. Plinius called it the "fantastic grape" while others have dubbed it not so fantastically. This white wine crafted of organic Bellone shows a creamy, stone-fruit quality. Some citrus character shows with a nutty redolence.

I say: Agreed on creamy and nutty but still maintains a freshness.  In the best possible way, a fun wine.

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