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 I've been waiting for this one. Even before the news of an eruption three days ago  this was one that looked exciting. Would they be forced to cancel the stage? No, it turns out. "Sunday's stage is not at risk. The stretch in question is only that of the last four miles on Etna,” said Giro director Angelo Zomegnan in a statement. “But on-site teams are already working to clear the road. We are calm.”
The cyclists may not be calm so much as exhausted. From twitter @craiglewis85 reports: "Only have a 180km race with 2x Mt. Etna (erupting), a bus ride, boat ride, plane ride and another bus ride before our first rest day begins!"
This 169 km route traces the Sicilian coastline before climbing the eastern slopes of Mount Etna and dropping back to the coastline for a summit finish atop the mountain. Riders will climb 19,255 feet and descend a 9,734 feet for a total elevation change of 9,521 feet.
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And off they went. And despite my shouting at the television for ABC (Anyone but Contador), he won easily. The question at the end of the day is: Is the Giro over? With his dominant stage win today and move into the Maglia Rosa, Alberto Contador left many thinking that he has won already. I'm hoping that is not the case.

Stage Winner & Maglia Rosa: Alberto Contador
Region: Sicily
Wine: Cos Frappato $26.99 12% abv

They say: Reviewer:Wolfgang M. Weber , Publication:Wine & Spirits Magazine
Review:The '07 Frappato might just be the secret weapon of COS, a feisty combination of earthy, herbal scents and ripe strawberry notes. It's a vibrant wine evocative of the Mediterranean coast.
Reviewer:Jon Bonné , Publication:San Francisco Chronicle
Review: Sicily’s unofficially biodynamic COS might be best known for its Cerasuolo di Vittoria. But here, Frappato’s bright strawberry flavors are on terrific display, with a balsamic touch and slightly wild herbal accents. 

I say: Helping me deal with the sadness of both Contador's win and the cancellation of the first stage of the Tour of California due to snow. Not going to disagree with the reviews above, but having made both strawberry muffins and crisp today, light and bright and herbal are jumping out more than strawberry.

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