Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cats and Muscat

Still suffering from withdrawal symptoms from the Tour and dealing with the recent job news. I have a piece on my Mosel visits in process, but for now, cats.

Heidi Schrock Muscat '08. The importer says: At first the Sauv-Blanc is prominent – somehow – and Muscat is a high note imposed atop it, but this shifts with each sniff, growing catty here and orange-blossomy there; a creamy hologram of shifting exotic flowery spice that leads into a white-pepper finish.

I say: Hard to know exactly why this has been a comfort wine for me. Note the past tense,  as this seems to be my last bottle. I can agree on orange blossom and white pepper, but more importantly, this is in simplest terms, a happy wine for me. Said importer once wrote in an email, "that wine’s a lot of fun," and some nights that is enough. Especially when the Red Sox have just gone up 10-2 on my TV.

And speaking of cats and comfort, the pride:

Violet on the left, Willow in the middle, and Oolong on the right.

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