Monday, July 4, 2011

Tour de France Stage 3

Brief write-up today as I am focused on my German trip report.

A sprinter's stage from Olonne sur Mer to Redon for a total of  198km. To the surprise of absolutely no one, after the requisite large break, a dramatic intermediate sprint and a beautiful ride across a long bridge, it came down to a battle of the sprinter's teams. To the delight of the 4th of July crowd, the day went to the American Garmin sprinter Tyler Farrar, his first TdF win and the team's second consecutive stage win. My favorite sprinter, Mark Cavendish finished fifth. 

Stage winner: Tyler Farrar
Yellow: Thor Hushovd

Wine: Jo Landron Atmospheres $23.00
Comments from the folks at Chambers Street Wines
Landron has been working organically in the vineyards since the 1980's and is justly proud of his soils which are rich and teeming with life, bringing needed micro-nutrients to the vine. "In biodynamics," says Jo,"one doesn't fight against the various maladies, one gives the plant the health and energy to defend itself." Landron's wines, vinified by terroir, show clearly the different soils in his vineyards including the different sands, clays and stones in the topsoil as well as the different sub-soils, primarily gneiss and orthogneiss. 
Gros Plant and Pinot Noir, 2 years of aging, quite dry - about 5 grams of sugar per liter. 

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