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Wine & Food of the Giro 2015: Stage 14: Zardetto Tre Venti & Treviso Risotto

Treviso - Valdobbiadene (itt) 59.2 KM - Individual Time trial

Treviso is a city and comune in the Veneto. It is the capital of the province of Treviso. Treviso  is described by poets as a città cortese ("courteous city"), a calm and peaceful atmosphere that induced 18th-Century Venetian aristocrats to choose the Treviso area as their ideal vacation spot.

Valdobbiadene is a town in the province of Treviso and is in the heart of the Prosecco growing area. The Prosecco associaiton tells me that "The area lies in the Veneto, 50 km from Venice, in the hilly strip of the Province of Treviso lying between the small towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. It is equidistant from the Dolomites and the Adriatic, a particular situation that has a positive effect on the climate. The terrain is difficult to cultivate but with a special charm, with its vineyards perched high on the steep hillsides where it is hard even to remain standing. Here the vine-growers have made the hillsides their own a centimetre at a time, thus creating a unique landscape whose beauty is such that the producers have applied for the area to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The production zone comprises fifteen communes and stretches over an area of around 20,000 hectares. Vines are grown only on the most sunny parts of the hills, at altitudes varying between 50 and 500 metres above sea level, while the north-facing slopes are covered mainly in woodland." 

The stage: A long time trial in the rain combined with a few desperate riders could make things very interesting today. The Podium Cafe preview is here and the Inrng preview here
Our early leader, Vasil Kiryienka, came in with a time of 1:17:52. 
It is important to remember though, that what really matter is the time comparisons to the other gc guys and not to Kiryienka. 
That said, Porte was clearly not on a good day, though wind changes from the early riders may explain some of that.


Wow. Uran crosses the first check point thirteen seconds behind Porte's time. 

At the first time check, Contador had made up enough time over Aru that he was in virtual pink. Porte came in 4:20 down on Kiryienka. 

Wow! Third on the day for Contador. Is this the race for him? I'd be tempted to say so, but we have seem surprises already during this Giro.




Wine: Zardetto Tre Venti Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Rive di Ogliano Brut DOCG 2012

A sample provided by Winebow. $26 SRP

From the importer: Tre Venti, a limited edition single vineyard Prosecco, is the result of Fabio Zardetto's never-ending research into the Prosecco DOCG world. The hill of Ogliano enjoys a southern exposure where the term “rive” refers to the most prized part of the hill—much the same as “bricco,” “ronco,” and “poggio” are used in other regions in Italy. Moreover, the Tre Venti vineyard (located on the eastern border of the DOCG) is chilled during summer nights by a complex system of three winds (tre venti) blowing from the east.  This effect allows the fruit-driven aromas and the fresh acidity of this Prosecco to develop slowly but fully.
This Prosecco has a brilliant straw yellow color, a sensual foam, and a refined perlage.  The aromas are delicate with hints of floral notes, wisteria, acacias, green apples, pears, and citrus fruits. On the palate, the structure is elegant with firm acidity, velvety texture, and a long, creamy finish.
I say: Very pale yellow. Small bubbles. Simply lovely with the promised green apples and citrus. Elegant indeed.

Food: Treviso Raddicchio with Pancetta from the River Cafe's Cafe Cookbook.
Although that recipe is not online, you can find something similar here or here

The ingredients are simple and flexible: I used raddicchio, scallions (because I had them iand not onions on hand), garlic, chicken stock, unsalted butter, pancetta,white wine, parmesan. and arborio rice. But rice aside, you could sub out any of those ingredients and still end up with an excellent result. 

The technique is fairly easy: saute your pancetta and scallions until soft, add the raddicchio and cook until well wilted. Then add your rice and stir well until coated. Add the wine and stir until it is evaporated. At that point start adding your chicken stock gradually, adding more after it is absorbed. The total cooking time will probably be around twenty minutes. After the rice is cooked to your liking, take it off the heat, stir in the Parmesan and serve.
I think it looks much like red beans and rice in this picture!

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