Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wine & Food of the Tour de France 2016: Stage 18 Belluard Gringet & Gâteau de Savoie

Where are we? Time trialing 17 kilometers from Sallanches to Megève.

Sallanches is a third time stage town, in the canton of Haute-Savoie. Sallanches is situated on the Sallanche river near Mont Blanc, west of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc and north of Megeve.

Specialties from LeTour: Farcement (grated potatoes, bacon and prunes), sallanchard (white chocolate and raspberry cake), rissoles (apple turnover), bugnes and merveilles (fritters), Glaçons du Mont Blanc (chocolate)

Megève is a ski resort in the Haute-Savoie. Michelin says: Taking its name from meg (middle) and eva (water), Megève, situated near to the Arve, is a charming resort. During the holiday period, it attracts a fashionable clientele. With the quality of the ski area that covers 1,000 ha with 300 km of pistes and its luxury hotesl, Megève can be proud of the fact that it has preserved a soul and a reputation that can be appreciated during a sled ride.

Specialties from LeTour:  Savoy cheeses (Reblochon, Beaufort, raclette, tomme de Savoie), artisan cured meats, Glaçons et flocons de Megève (chocolate) 

From LeTour: Christian Prudhomme's comment
The format isn't that frequent on the Tour but it fits in perfectly to the four-day Alpine sequence of the race.Before reaching Megève, the best climbers among the ‘rouleurs' or the best ‘rouleurs' among the climbers will find a terrain to express themselves on the tough Côte de Domancy and then in the Côte des Chozeaux.

The stage: Nice setting for a time trial:

The early leaders:

Those times would not hold up. Eventually, Dumoulin would come in with a 31:04. 

Commentator comment: I do think that Phil and Paul say "Richie Froome" more often than they say Richie Porte. That, of course, meant that the GC riders were on course. And we would see gaps and changes in that GC.



Wine: Belluard Gringet
From the importer, Selection Massale: Ayze is only about 30 miles from Mont Blanc, but the Belluard vineyards are planted relatively lower to allow ripening.  Dom has vineyards planted from 300 to 450 meters above sea level.  Make no mistake, these are mountain wines.  But they are not planted next to ski slopes.  All are farmed biodynamically and were planted by selection massale.  The vine ages vary from ten to sixty yearls old.  Domaine Belluard has about half of the Gringet planted in the world.

Le Feu, is Dom’s single-vineyard Gringet.  Dom named the vineyard Le Feu (the fire) because of its reddish soils, comprised of clay with a lot of iron.  The vineyard sits at 450 meters.  Le Feu shows the heights of Gringet and Dom’s work as a vigneron.
Producer's notes.  

Food: Gateau de Savoie
The local website says: A true gâteau de Savoie is a very light sponge cake cooked in a fluted mould that has been lined with butter and sprinkled with flour and sugar in order to give the finished cake a thin and crispy crust.
It can be filled with jam or covered with cream.

We used the Dorie Greenspan recipe from Baking Chez Moi. 

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