Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wine & Food of the Tour de France 2016 Stage 21: Lelarge Pugeot & Chantilly Cream

Where are we? Headed to Paris of course. Riding 113 kilometers from  Chantilly to Paris Champs-Élysées

Chantilly is a first time stage town in the canton of the Oise. From Michelin: The name Chantilly conjures up a chateau , a forest, a racecourse and the horsing world. The Montmorency family, the Condé family and finally the duke of Aumale have made this town proud with the chateau they have maintained in succession over the years, and in the Duke's case for the collections which he has also amassed and bequeathed to the French Insatiate. Chantilly draws in the crowds, with its magnificent chateau, reputed park and forest, which are perfect for walks.

Specialties from LeTour:  Chantilly cream, lace, porcelain 

Paris: We finish again this year on the Champs-Élysées for the 42nd time. 

From LeTour:  Christian Prudhomme's comment
From the Château de Chantilly to the Arc de Triomphe, the last act will be quite prestigious!The start of the final stage wasn't given from the north of Paris since 1984. At the time, it was in Pantin. It'll therefore invite the riders to discover new areas of the capital. Will that however trouble the plans of the sprinters on the Champs-Élysées? That remains to be seen…

The stage: Sky opted to start with beer:

There would also be Champagne:

Essentially, this is a ceremonial stage with a sprint at the end. With Cavendish home training for the Olympics, I'd kind of like a Griepel win. A puncture from Kittel may have hurt his chances, although he made it back to the bunch with several laps still to go. 
I laughed:

Abandonment of Tony Martin with a knee injury, bike issues for Dan Martin and Kittel: not a good day for Eitxx Quick Step so far.

Lutsenko and Van Avermaet to the front. Why not? 
Nice bell:

Coquard mechanical. Awful timing for him. 
And Greipel! Well done. 



The wine: Lelarge Pugeot Les Meuniers de Clemence
From Franklywines:  100% pinot meunier, natural ferment base, organically grown, this was a hit of the Feiring Line Wine Society last holiday.

The winery site tells me that: Settled in the Champagne Region since the 18th Century, the LELARGE Family acquired its first vineyards, thanks to Pierre Henri Lelarge, married to Madeleine Dravigny, from a family of winegrowers in Vrigny.
As of 1987, Dominique Lelarge took over the family-estate alongside his wife, Dominique Pugeot, the winery then became: CHAMPAGNE LELARGE-PUGEOT. 

100% Pinot Meunier from the harvest 2010 only. 2010 was the first organically certified harvest. This blend emanates from the selections of these blocks: Les Pierres, Les Fourgons, Le Jour, Sous la ville.
Flavor: First aroma; brioche, then it opens up on yellow fruits and plums with very subtle hints of orange peel. In the palate, crispy yellow fruits. Liveliness and mineral finish. 

The Food: Chantilly cream, of course. Not just a Tour specialty, but perfect for topping the leftover Gateau de Savoie. 
Whip cream, add sugar to taste and celebrate another completed Tour.  

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