Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stage 16 and a Confession

So not only is this post a day late, but I must confess that I did not drink my Tour wine last night. Instead, I was lucky enough to join Charles Olken and Stephen Elliot for a tasting of 07 and 08 pinots for their CONNOISSEURS' GUIDE to CALIFORNIA WINE. It was an offer I did not want to turn down, especially as we are publishing a revised edition of their classic book this fall. So I enjoyed the pinot, placed my votes on tasting favorites and ignored my planned French wine. Apologies to any who care. But, really, you would have done the same thing.

Today, Wednesday, is a rest day and I will taste French wine tonight. Which remains to be seen. After a day of baseball and a poor showing by the Red Sox, refreshing may be the key.

Yellow: Alberto Contador
Green: Thor Smash!
Yesterday's stage winner:
Pierrick Fedrigo (despite a valiant final effort by Lance Armstrong that excited the announcers to a frightening extent.)


  1. Hi Amy,

    Your confession is funny. As for me, if given a chance to have a sudden change of plan for a pinot then I would also probably grab that chance..why not?

    BTW, I wanted to ask you a question about your blog but I couldn't find a contact form. Let me know if I can email you!


  2. Sure.