Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stage 3 Rodenbach Grand Cru

Today was the day we expected everyone to all fall down. Because--cobbles! If you are a fan of the cycling classics you understand why. If not, imagine large groups of cyclists riding on narrow, rock covered road. In spring, this is often accompanied by rain. Given the injury situation thus far in the Tour, it was best they had sun.
Today's winner: Thor Hushovd, making up for his "stole" victory yesterday.
In yellow: Fabian Cancellara, who towed a group up to the line with his indomitable style.

To drink: Rodenbach Grand Cru
So when I emailed to ask for beer suggestions, Jon Bonné suggested: get some Dupont Saison. better yet, get some Rodenbach Grand Cru, weird but awesome. Those who know are not surprised that not only did I buy both, but that I was most excited to try weird but awesome. I admit, weird is an appealing word for me. And is it? In a word, yes. Keeping in mind that I am far from a beer expert, it is not like anything I have had before. It is is carbonated, reddish brown in color, with a smooth body and some acid or vinegar on the finish.

Internet research tells me that Rodenbach Grand Cru (Alc. 6% Vol.) is a blend of “young” beer (33%) and an older beer (67%) that has matured in oak vats. It is the high percentage of the older ripened-in-oak beer that gives it the complex and intense bouquet with a very long aftertaste like a Grand Cru wine. This is a complex beer with lots of wood and fruity esters, wine-like and with a balsamic vinegar aroma. A sharp taste, fruity, refreshing and with a balanced Madeira-like sweetness.The late Michael Jackson bestowed upon this beer the titles of “World Classic” and “the Burgundy of Belgium.”

I'd love to hear from anyone who knows more.

Tomorrow: champagne!

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