Saturday, July 24, 2010

stage 19 The Time Trial

Bordeaux to Bordeaux
I suppose for most non cycling fan, the Time Trial makes more sense then many of the other racing days. Each man is sent off the ramp individually and is in complete control of his own race. Theoretically you could catch the rider in front of you or be caught by the one behind, but that is not typical. Instead, a rider spends his time alone on the bike, racing a course with nothing in mind but speed. The current master of this discipline is Fabian Cancellara, the winner of today's stage and as a friend keeps reminding me, one of the best looking cyclists around. One could quibble with that, but in truth, watching him on a time trial bike should be standard training for anyone who wants to learn the sport.

Stage Winner: Fabian Cancellara
Yellow: Alberto Contaor
Green: Petacchi

To drink still avoiding red Bordeaux and celebrating I have opted for:

Château Roûmieu-Lacoste 2000

Cause, honestly I had it in the house.
They say: Belonging to Hervé Dubourdieu, Roumieu-Lacoste is a Cru Bourgeois from Barsac and offers light, complex and fruity sweet wines. Roumieu Lacoste is light in colour and full of rich aromas of candied fruits and spices on the nose with good length and sweetness on the palate. Its freshness and liveliness makes it perfect with foie gras.

I say: After canning 20 pounds of tomatoes today I needed a treat. This is it. In fact, time to drink a glass and relax. Tomorrow, on to Paris!

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