Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stage 7- Jura

Tournus > Station des Rousses

Finally, mountains. Not, as they like to say, a day to win the tour, and honestly not really a day to lose it either. But a day for our first grupetto, the group of sprinters that cycle together in hopes of making the time cut. I always imagine them singing and drinking beer, either though that is not likely as they must get in before the official time cut. Today, they may or may not have made it, but were allowed to continue.

Stage winner: Sylvain Chavanel
Yellow: Chavanel
Green: Thor Hushovd

And to drink: 2007 Domaine de la Tournelle "Trousseau des Corvées" Arbois

They say:

Another of the Jura’s unique red varietals, the Trousseau grape makes a slightly darker and more structured wine than does Ploussard while still maintaining a bright personality, intriguing aromas of freshly crushed wild berries and more subtle but no less intriguing nuances of a walk in the autumn forest, peony flowers and the suggestion of damp earth. It all adds up to something which is delicate, unique, and once one sits with it and surrenders, rather captivating.

Because of its bright complexion and delicate palate, it’s a delightful wine to pair with charcuterie, lighter meats and cheeses.

We say: not the perfect pairing for our bacon and broccoli pizza. But some days you need pizza. Earthy, structured yet still light in body. Lots of acid as well as spice both on the nose and in the mouth. Friend reports that it is not like anything she has had before. Be curious to see how it ages.

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