Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stage 20 Paris!

The 2010 version of the Tour de France ended this morning as Mark Cavendish won rather easily out of the pack on the Champs Élysées. This was a repeat of Cav's rather exciting win last year. As my daughter would be happy to tell you, I yelled Go Mark or even Marky at the tv this morning.

I should probably do both a cycling and wine round up at some point. We shall see. For now, a few brief moments to remember:
Cobbles, Crashes, Fabian!
Cadel in yellow with a broken elbow, The rare George spotting (usually falling off the back),
Frenchmen winning stages, Chaingate, Vino attacking and attacking again, Any Jens! sighting,
Cav's 5 stage wins, Lance's farewell: say what you will, without him we would never have been able to watch live. So, thanks.

Yellow: Contador
Stage: Cav!
Green: Petacchi

To drink:
We end as we began with champagne. Another Alice Feiring suggestion from New Year's.

Leclerc Briant "Les Chêvres Pierreuses" Single Vineyard Brut Champagne

They say:This Champagne is composed of 41% Pinot Noir, 19% Meunier and 40% Chardonnay from a seven-acre vineyard that is the steepest of the three offerings. Perhaps the most plain delicious of the three wines; this Champagne has great fresh apple fruit, lightly toasted bread notes and good refreshing zing. It amazes me that a wine can be so distinctive and complex while still maintaining such easy going charm. A fantastic aperitif! (Gary Westby, K&L Champagne and Sherry buyer)

I say: Hard to taste champagne after 19 pies, but am hoping the bubbles will be good for me. Crisp but with some nice toasted notes.

And yeah, we tasted some pie at the SF Food Wars Pie or Die Challenge. K voted Banana Cream, I voted Sour Cherry Berry. We'll wait for results.

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