Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cookie Party--the prep

Final preparations are in progress for our cookie party. We have about 35 rsvps, but with kids involved one never knows. Approximately 100 cookies have been baked and are awaiting decoration. Earlier this fall K and I bought a "Cookie Swap" book at our wonderful local food bookstore Omnivore. The author's website can be found here: I have experimented with the basic shortbread recipe in the book and found that with the substitution of almond extract for ground almonds it pleases both picky children and adults.

As for Omnivore, if you have not been there and are a fan of cookbooks or food writing or even collectible books, you really should go. The staff is wonderful and Celia helped K choose from the dozens of cookie books they stock. They also host both author and community events regularly. I feel very lucky that they are just a quick walk away.

Bagels, fruit, cheese and nibbles are ready for those who would like a break from the sweets. I find that my home pickled carrots and green beans are always popular at parties so I'll open a few more jars. Ingredients are plentiful for those who want to bake. Eggnog, I cheated and bought it from the store, is in the fridge and bourbon is available for those who need it. Wine as always is plentiful. All that remains is final clean up and we are ready to go.

I need a nap!

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  1. How did it go? I talked to a friend last night who posts photos on Facebook of her incredible decorated holiday cookies and she said she prefers to bake and decorate with her adult friends because her kids are too sprinkle-happy and "They interfere with my vision for how the cookies should look!"