Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cookie Party-The Clean Up

The party was a blast. We set it up as an open house from 10-5 so we had an early group, a late group and many in and out during the day. It was great to see both old friends and new. We even got to meet baby Audrey who is just as gorgeous as she appears in pictures.

Special thanks to everyone for the wonderful treats including scones, jelly doughnuts, Afghan nuts and large amounts of Valrhona chocolate that I have hidden from my child.Also, a picture frame that will be perfect for this year's school picture.

Guests decorated over 80 cookies with homemade royal icing and pounds of sprinkles as well as leftover Halloween candy. Thankfully many took some home or ate here. I do think that K had about 12. We also had cheese and fruit and bagels and assorted other nibbles. I was very excited that my idea to put most of the frosting in squeeze bottles was a success. Much less mess than last time.

As for mess, well, the spider web set up in K's room was both wonderful and easy to clean up. I've also learned that a disposable tablecloth for cookie decorating makes all things so much easier. I know cloth is better for the environment, but the ability to just roll and toss the cloth made me very happy.

K reports that the party was really awesome, the kids loved it and that they ate most of the cookies. A good day.

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