Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quick Cornerstone TTL Thoughts

Last night I joined @winebratsf @BrixChick_Liza (with her Dad) + @DreamWildly
for a Twitter Taste Live of Cornerstone Cellars new Stepping Stone Grenache and Cab Franc with an added bonus of their 05 Howell Mountain Cab.

First of all, great company! Though, there is something amusing about a group of people taking a sip of wine and then typing away on their laptops.

I had expected to enjoy the Grenache the most. Not that I did not enjoy it, my notes indicate lots of tannins but also fruit along with pepper. I wanted mushrooms. I thought the Cab Franc, once it had time to breathe was lovely. Someone else suggested lentils and I think that was spot on. It had some roundness to it, but also an herbal quality.

The Cab was a hit with everyone in the room. Slightly dusty with raspberry and plenty of tannins. I'd like to see where this one goes in a few years.

Other note of the night: wine soiree, a swirling device I had never seen before. Rather than decanting you attach it to the bottle and "air the wine" when you pour. Much fun to experiment with.

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