Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Managing to have a relaxing yet productive day.
Cookies for Santa were made yesterday with Caitlin and Dashiell so no need to bake today. Santa will be enjoying an extra-giant chocolate cookie made with Valrhona chocolate pearls. Currently spreading the rumor that Santa prefers wine to milk.

This morning we finally made it to the Thursday Ferry Building Farmers Market. If I worked downtown,I'd go for lunch weekly. Choices ranged from pizza to tacos to ice cream. I was delighted to have a chili cheese dog from 4505 meats. K did not care for the chicarronne itself, but delighted by the cranberry apple cider sorbet from Scream. We also picked up more Fatter Calf Bacon to add to the freezer of pork and some Rechiutti marshmallows to roast over the fire tonight.

When we got home I made my first ever chicken liver pate, with Soul Food Farms liver and a recipe from Epicurious. I substituted green garlic for regular as I had some from my Mystery Box and herbes de provence for the assortment called for. So far so good, we shall see as it chills. I sure do seem to be cooking with bourbon a lot these days.

On that theme the fresh ham will be prepared with an Emeril recipe using bourbon and coke. I must admit that I have wanted to try ham in coke for a long time and this seems a good opportunity. The amusement this morning was my attempts to cut the 21 lb bone in ham in half. After cutting through the meat with a sharp knife and finding it not strong enough for the bone, I ended up using a hammer. Hammer, ham, maybe it was meant to be?

I'll start roasting in a little bit and then start work on roasted sweet potatoes and apples, mashed potatoes and some sort of salad. Guests are bringing goodies as well and after chatting with Randall Grahm I have a bottle of Cigare Blanc and a white CdP in the fridge.

Ham is roasting away. Cat is very excited. Potatoes are on to boil, while sweet potatoes and apples have been put in the oven to roast. Cauliflower will be done stove top as there is no room left in the oven. Olive oil and red pepper should help it, maybe green garlic as well if I get motivated. For now? Cigare Blanc 2005.

So ham was excellent. My other favorite was the cauliflower. The Mariquita cauliflower is just better. is it soil? Freshness? Special type? I don't know. Leftovers a plenty though. Biscuits, bought by J, also great. I thought the Cigare Blanc with the ham was excellent. Followed with the CdP blanc which was a bit richer, with more honeyed flavors. For sweets, smores (I love the fireplace) and both apple and walnut pie from Mission Pie. Have never had walnut pie before, was most excellent. Anyone have a recipe?

Have convinced K to go to sleep as "Mr Claus" will not arrive when she is awake. Hope "Mr Claus" is still with us next year. Time to finish a glass of wine and head to bed myself. Expecting an early wake up.

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  1. Oh, and still looking for that same thing for Christmas. What are the odds?