Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lazy Sunday Cooking

I'm child free today and with the gray morning decided on a lazy day at home. Of course, that means in between "wii exercise," Law & Order reruns and reading, it was a good day to cook.

First thing today was a second batch of chicken liver pate. I had purchased two packs of livers from the Soul Food CSA. The first went to the Christmas pate and the second was too tempting in the fridge. This time I added lots of green garlic from the mystery box and a bit of bourbon for flavoring. I do seem to be cooking with bourbon a lot lately. Must be the season. Saute green garlic until soft, add chicken livers and cook 8-10 minutes, add bourbon, process until smooth and chill. I clearly need a party to take it to.

Currently on the stove is a thrown together pasta sauce. Fresh sausage from the pork prom, onions, garlic, lots of black pepper, herbs and home canned tomatoes. The chance part of the recipe is the addition of a jar of cherry tomatoes we had preserved in vinegar. I rinsed well and have my fingers crossed that the result will not be too acidic. Debating adding some red wine or just opening a bottle to enjoy while I cook. In an hour or so I'll heat up some store bought pasta and see how I did.

Post consumption note: very sad that I gave away so many jars of our tomatoes. The sauce was lovely and perfect with the Nero D'Avola. I was very pleased that there was not too strong a vinegary taste. Next year, even more canned tomatoes! At least I have 8 jars of sauce still.

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  1. On Sunday, Tracie B and I watched maybe 7 episodes of the L&O marathon! such a great way to wind down after Xmas weekend overeating!