Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pork Prom

Today I joined a large, impatient crowd at Pork Prom. Organized by some of the same folks behind Eat Real, Pork Prom featured 5 and 10 lb assortments of heritage pork along with hams and some biscuits with bacon and sausage to nibble on. Here is what SF Weekly had to say beforehand:

I was expecting lines, but it took me 1.25 hours from arrival to departure. There was a line to pay, a line for food and another line to pick up the pork. I know that it is hard to run these events, but sometimes the years I spent as an event coordinator come back to haunt me. I can spend a long time in line thinking about different ways to organize things.

That said, I am very excited about my take home. I have 21 pounds of fresh, bone in ham sitting in my fridge waiting for Christmas Eve. In my freezer, I have 4 lbs of ground pork, 3 pounds of pork belly and 3 pounds of jowl. The packages are all labeled with breed and the food the pigs consumed.

I'll do a pasta sauce with our home canned crushed tomatoes and the ground pork. For the belly, either slow roasting in the oven or a chance to use the skills picked up at Makin Bacon. I've been advised (thanks Anita) that my jowl would make great guanciale. Anyone have a garage or basement I can hang some pork in?

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