Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Guest Post from K

Hi! My name is K and I am 7.5 years old. I really love cats and am a picky eater. Yesterday with my Dad I made cookies with dough that we bought from Whole Foods. I put honey on half of one and it tasted like a chocolate cookie that I made with my Mom once. It was very big.
At my Mom's house we make our own dough. I've been making a lot of cookies this year for Christmas. My favorite are from the Cookie Swap book. I really like that book. It is one of my favorites.
I won't eat eggs anymore at my Dad's house because they do not have the special CSA (Soul Food) eggs my Mom gets.
Sometimes I get to finger taste wine and my favorite is rose.
I took a gardening class at school and got to taste the first apples ever grown on the tree at school. They were fuji and big and everyone loved them. I did not love the carrots.
I like getting pancakes because they are very yummy.
My favorite pizza is at Piccino cause I like how they put the cheese on. The know my normal order which is cheese with nothing green on it.
My mom and I may make raisin bread today, I like to help knead it and eat it!
I used the potatoes from the veggie box (Mariquita Mystery) in Stone Soup.

(Slight spelling checks by Amy. Happy Holidays all!)

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