Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Had far too much fun at the JJ Buckley Bordeaux tasting tonight at La Folie. Had a chance to taste some affordable Bordeaux and meet some great people. How many I wonder not only blasted country music all the way home (thanks Max) and stopped at Bob's for a fritter?

Like I always do, I have scrawled kind of illegible tasting notes. In the bargain category one could buy lots of the 2008 Festival Rose. At $7.99 it is the kind of rose that would appeal both to casual drinkers and to wine loving friends. I think it would be perfect for holiday parties. In the sweet world I loved both the 2006 Fougeres La Folie Graves and the 2007 Chateau Le Fleur Des Pine Bordeaux Blanc, also a deal at $13.99. My favorite of the night? 2006 Chateau Bourgneuf Pomerol. A bargain at $29.99. In general, I enjoyed quite a few of the wines. I've always been more of a Rhone or Burgundy girl so it was great to have the chance to taste some Bordeaux I could actually acquire. Also great prep work for the Fine Wines Bordeaux book coming next fall.

I'll have more to report later, but for now, a fritter awaits me. And, the sliders at La Folie were really all that.


  1. Have to agree on the Bourgneuf! I had a 2006 Bordeaux blind tasting last month and the Bourgneuf won, beating out the Duhart-Milon among others!