Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wines of the Holidays

So, big no on that one thing. No words for that here.

Anyway, wines of the week.
Christmas Eve featured both a Bonny Doon Cigare Blanc 2005 and a 2005 Chateaneuf de Pape Blanc. It was fun to taste them back to back and note the differences. The Cigare Blanc, through no one's fault but my own, was too cold to start out with. once warmed, it was fragrant and a perfect natch to the ham. It is hard for me to be objective about Bonny Doon wines, but this one pleased the guests as well. The CdP was darker in color and heavier in taste. it was much more honeyed and I would have guessed older. I was glad to have this one second. It even did a fairly good job standing up to the walnut pie. I have for many years had a love of white rhone grapes and both of these did nothing to dissuade me.

Christmas was with friends in Marin. Roast beef baked wrapped in bacon, cauliflower gratin, popovers. horseradish, green beans bundled with bacon and more. I had brought both a 2002 and a 2003 Gary Farrell cab, dusty from my poor storage. My preference was for the 2002. Cab is generally not my grape of choice, but the smoothness complimented the meat and was drinkable alone. There were numerous wines available, but I kept returning to the 02.

As always, more when I have time to ponder.

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