Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

Festivities began with lunch at Piccino. Red special: broccoli rabe, pancetta and added on egg for me, cheese, no green for K. Glass of Prosecco just because.

Now we are lounging, planning a mother daughter night with no driving. We have assorted nibbles, as our large, late lunch was pretty filling. I have just opened Alice Feiring's first suggestion of the night Fleury Brut Rosé Champagne. Child very excited by color, I'm quite enchanted by the flavor. This is truly a lovely wine. According to the K&L website, where I purchased it:
The Fleury rosé is made entirely of pinot noir from Courteron, in the southern part of Champagne. Locals proudly say that their town is closer to Chablis than Reims, and the style of wine owes as much to Burgundy as the stylish bottle does to the grand marques of Champagne. The vineyards, which are all owned by Fleury, are farmed 100% biodynamically, the strictest form of organic viticulture. The base wine is entirely from the 2004 vintage. This Champagne, composed of 100% pinot noir, is made by maceration, with all of the skins in contact with all of the juice.

It is very elegant with fruit on the nose. K was hoping it would be sweeter, but, then again, she is 7! Medium pink color, long finish. More and more fragrant as it warms up. I am delighted to have a second bottle for a later date.

I should note that given the year I had, I was completely indecisive on champagne purchases. Luckily, I emailed Alice Feiring and not only did she offer suggestions, but searched the K&L site and sent me off with a shopping list. I purchased at least one of everything on her list and am very much looking forward to trying all of them, just not tonight. Thanks again Alice! I'll get those pickles off Monday.

Some thoughts on resolutions. Not really my thing. But: eat everything from veggie box, drink the good wine and get back into the shape I was in this summer come to mind. Daughter and I also talked about cooking more together, not just baking.

As for year end reflections, that is even harder. But, dish of the year, with no doubt, the egg at Commis.


  1. Oh and if you are reading, miss you every day

  2. Really enjoy reading your blog: reading and drinking is the recipe for happiness :) Happy New Year!


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  3. Natalie
    Thanks for the nice comment! I enjoy your writing as well.